General Assembly of the Association of Towns Awarded the Europe Prize will be held in Kharkiv (Ukraine) on June 6-9, 2017

General Assembly of the Association of Towns Awarded the Europe Prize will be held in Kharkiv (Ukraine) on June 6-9, 2017

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Unified European Cultural Platform

Why platform?

The platform is a universal fest-laboratory, its main purpose is to develop the international cultural exchange between the European cities, so that the youth from one cultural environment can study, share experience, work on the mutual projects and represent them, and also share the results with the international public and with each other.

Our vision

Each of the accepting cities chooses the unique niche in the sphere of culture: cinema, theater, music, dances, stage, circus or any other directions of culture. Within the chosen direction each city holds a fest-laboratory which has both free public performances, and internal trainings, master classes, conferences and informal workshops on exchange of experience between participants of a festival.

The international component of the project consists of attracting to cooperation as many participants from other cities and countries as possible. This will allow to provide effective and high-quality cultural exchange. In such format of cooperation each city owner of the Prize of Europe and any other having a desire will be able to be involved  into the network of the international projects in various cultural directions. Thus, each city will secure a certain niche and will have an opportunity to participate in united cultural exchange.

Our goal is to create a unified European cultural platform by introduction of one-format festivals with a different specialization to the accepting cities that will allow to share experience effectively and to support continuous communication both in the one cultural niche, and between all cities in this platform.

Previous experience

We will cite as an example the International theater festival “Platform 77” which is the parent project and will take place in Kharkiv for the second time.

“Platform 77” is the project lasting for 4 days. Each day there are two shows and also master classes in acting skills and technique, psychotechnics and plasticity, as well as open conferences for participants and guests of a festival.

The stages of realization:

  1. Stage of discussion and approval
  • Presentation of the project to representatives of the youth councils of the cities of the Association

– concept presentation, discussion of the project format

– discussion of the targets and results

– discussion of suggestions and changes

– approval of the project

  • The decision of the Association to support the project
  1. Preliminary stage

– reception of the feedback from the cities about their readiness and a certain niche, which they have chosen

– systematization of information, the solution of collisions on the chosen niches, creation of base (the city – a festival – its date)

– we send a package of documents, if necessary we carry out a videoconference with representatives of the cities which have accepted an initiative.

  1. First stage of realization

– 20 cities

– 1 year

– carrying out a forum with representatives of the youth Councils of Europe about summing up the project, discussion of initiatives concerning new joint projects

  1. Second stage of realization

– 50 cities

– 2 years

– creation of a unified online information platform for exchange of news and experience, invitation to events, recording of all cultural acts and projects of the accepting cities.