Altötting (Germany)

Name of the city Altötting
 Country Germany
Mayor First Mayor
Herbert Hofauer
Postal address Kapellplatz 2a,
84503 Altötting
Contact person Nicole Schindler
Position of a contact person Deputy manager of the city administration of Altoetting
Telephone of a contact person +49 8671 50 62 – 37
E-mail of a contact person
Central e-mail of the city hall
Year of the Europe Prize award 2013
Twin and partner cities (please write the country in brackets) Loreto (Italy)
Fatima/Ourèm (Portugal)
Mariazell (Austria)
Loreto (Italy)
Fatima/Ourèm (Portugal)
Mariazell (Austria)
Lourdes (France)
Czestochowa (Poland)
Einsiedeln (Switzerland)