Europe Prize

It is the highest award, created in 1955 to recognize outstanding efforts in promoting European unity. Fifty-eight towns have been honoured; only one or two prizes are awarded each year to Plaque and Flag winners.

The Trophy (held for a year), the bronze medal and the commemorative parchment are presented together with 7.600 Euros of scholarship to fund European study visits for young people.

The President of the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly presents the Prize at a municipally-organised “Europe Day” attended by the Europe Prize Sub-Committee.

Europe Prize is the highest of the four awards, introduced in 1955 to recognize outstanding efforts in promoting European unity. Seventy seven municipalities were honored by 2016. Every year one or two Prizes are awarded to towns-winners of the three European awards: European Diploma, Flag of Honor and Plaque of Honor.

The Europe Prize consists of an itinerant trophy with a bronze plaque bearing allegorical figures and a Latin inscription. This trophy is retained by the winning municipality until the next town is awarded. It is then passed on to the municipality awarded the Europe Prize. The shield bears the name of each municipality, which has won the Prize. It also consists of a bronze medal, a parchment and a scholarship to be spent on travelling around Europe for one or more young persons from the winning municipality. It may also include any additional money grants, which the government of the country, the associations of local authorities or any other body may wish to award to the winning municipality.

It is officially presented to the winning municipality by the President of the Parliamentary Assembly, assisted by the Sub-Committee on the Europe Prize, on a “Day of Europe” event arranged by the municipality. The ceremonies of that Day will include an official meeting of the Municipal Council with the presence of the members of the Sub-Committee on the Europe Prize and a public gathering of residents of the winning municipality.

An Association of Europe Prize Winners (the “Association of Towns Awarded the Europe Prize”) was founded in 1984. It brings together all winning towns and has meetings at least once a year. It is presided by a town, elected at the General Assembly of the Association of Towns Awarded the Europe Prize.


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