Flag of Honour

The Flag is the most popular award and an essential step towards the Plaque of Honour and the Europe Prize. From twenty to twenty-five Flags are allocated every year. A member of the Parliamentary Assembly presents it to the winning city at a municipal ceremony open to a wide public.

It is a rectangular blue color cloth embroidered and decorated with gold, there are 12 gold stars placed in a circle. The emblem was approved on 8 December, 1955, by the Committee of the Ministers of the Council of Europe according to the unanimous recommendation of the Parliamentary Assembly. Since May 1986 it is also an official emblem of European communities.

More than 1,000 Flags of Honour have been awarded by the Council of Europe since 1961.

The Flag of Honour is awarded to certain municipalities which deserve an award in recognition of their work in promoting the European idea. These municipalities will usually be selected from among those already holding the European Diploma.

The Flag of Honour of the Council of Europe is similar to the flag of the Council of Europe, but with a light shade of blue and a golden fringe. Two blue sashes are attached to the flag, bearing the yellow writing „CONSEIL DE L’EUROPE“ (French) and „COUNCIL OF EUROPE“ (English), respectively.