International Conference on Peculiarities of Interaction between Foreign and Diplomatic Missions and Local Authorities

The Resident Representative Office of the Association of Towns Awarded the Europe Prize in Ukraine held the I International Conference “Peculiarities of Interaction between Foreign and Diplomatic Missions and Local Authorities”. The event took place at  Kharkiv City Council on 05 December 2018 and was attended by representatives of the local authorities from different cities of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the General Directorate for Rendering Services to Foreign Missions, as well as representatives of consular offices, diplomatic missions, international organizations, etc.

The Deputy Mayor – Director of the Department of Economics and Municipal Property, Mr. Mykhailo Fatieiev, addressed the conference guests and participants with a welcoming speech, “International contacts today play an important role in the lives of our cities. First of all, these are the contacts that enable people from different countries and cities to better know and understand each other, and to work together to make life in our cities more stable, comfortable and secure. We find it very important – creating a platform in Kharkiv for constant exchange of ideas and wrap-up of the results of joint work not only with the consular institutions and foreign representations, but with other Ukrainian cities as well.”

The Director of the International Cooperation Department, Mr. Viktor Rud, reminded the guests that Kharkiv has 33 twin cities in 22 countries, with which it is actively cooperating in various areas, “Shaping an international image is the efforts of the whole team of the City Council, and together we are doing an important thing for Kharkiv and our future generations.”

During the conference, it was also noted that Kharkiv had recently increased the number of the honorary consuls, which are 12 today. According to the the Director of State Protocol Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ms. Olha Chubrikova, by this indicator, Kharkiv occupies one of the leading positions in Ukraine, “I think that without exaggeration we can call Kharkiv one of the centers of international activity in Ukraine. And the interaction between the regional authorities and diplomatic missions initiated by this conference is sure to yeild fruit in the near future.”

The Deputy Director of the International Cooperation Department of Kharkiv City Council, Ms.  Yulia Zghurska, noted that notwithstanding the progress that has been made, the city continues to actively develop international cooperation.

It is worth mentioning that during the conference, the representatives of the honorary consulates and embassies in Kharkiv and other Ukrainian cities presented interim results of their activity. The participants also discussed relevant issues and trends in the development of cooperation between the local authorities, diplomatic missions and international organizations, and exchanged experiences and achievements in the area of international relations development in their cities.

Author: Tatyana

Head of International Relations and European Integration at the International Cooperation Office, Kharkiv City Council