Kharkiv, Ukraine

The Resident Representative Office of the Association of Towns Awarded the Europe Prize in the City of Kharkiv (hereinafter referred to as the Resident Representative Office) is a standalone subdivision of the Association of Towns Awarded the Europe Prize (hereinafter referred to as the Association) that represents the interests of the Association in the territory of Ukraine.

It was created by the decision of the General Assembly of the Association of June 02, 2018 in accordance with the Statutes of the Association.

The Resident Representative Office operates in accordance with the current laws of Ukraine, the Statutes of the Association, the decisions of the Presidium and the General Assembly of the Association, the recommendations of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and this Regulation.

The main goal of its activities is to encourage dissemination of European values in Ukraine and development of international cooperation between cities and mutual understanding among the European citizens.



Telephone: +380577607448
7 Kvitky Osnovianenka, apt. 9.3
Kharkiv, 61003