Nuremberg (Germany)

Name of the city Nuremberg
Country Germany
Mayor Dr. Ulrich Maly
Postal address Internationales Haus

Hans-Sachs-Platz 2

D-90403 Nuremberg

Contact person Luis Prada
Position of a contact person Official in charge
Telephone of a contact person +49 (0)911-231 5042
E-mail of a contact person    
Central e-mail of the city hall
Year of the Europe Prize award 2007
Twin and partner cities    Nice, France    Kraków, Poland

   Skopje, Macedonia

   Glasgow, UK

   San Carlos, Nicaragua

   Prague, Czech Republic

   Charkiw, Ukraine

Hadera, Israel

  Shenzhen, China

   Antalya, Turkey

   Kavala, Greece

   Atlanta, Georgia

   Córdoba, Spain

Venice, Italy