kernes“The cooperation of Towns Awarded the Europe Prize achieves the goals of the Council of Europe: the need for European unity with the use of economic, social and cultural development
of the Member States of the European Union, as well as
the support of partnership and the youth exchange.

Making the cooperation between the Member States
of the European Union stronger is one of the most important features to keep peace on the continent. We show that cooperation in Europe is possible, as well as engaging
the dialogue or exchanging the experiences.”

Krzysztof Matyjaszczyk, Mayor of Częstochowa

since 2019

Krzysztof Matyjaszczyk, Mayor of Czestochowa (Poland)

2015 – 2019

Gennadiy Kernes, Mayor of Kharkiv (Ukraine)

2011 – 2015

Melih Gökcek, Mayor of Ankara (Turkey)

2007 – 2011

Walter Hoffmann, Lord Mayor of Darmstadt (Germany)

2004 – 2007

Brigitte Russ-Scherer, Lord Mayor of Tübingen (Germany)

2003 – 2004

Tadeusz Wrona, Mayor of Czestochowa (Poland)
2000 – 2003 Wieslaw Maras, Mayor of Czestochowa (Poland)
1996 – 2000

Dieter Schmidt, Mayor of Braunfels (Germany)

1991 – 1996

Kaj Kjaer, Mayor of Aalborg (Denmark)

1989 – 1991

Guy Ravier, Mayor of Avignon (France)
1987 – 1989

Günther Metzger, Lord Mayor of Darmstadt (Germany)

1985 – 1987

Alfred Stingl, Mayor of Graz (Austria)

1984 – 1985

Angelo Candolini, Mayor of Udine (Italy)