Puteaux (France), Offenbach on Main (Germany)

Name of the city Puteaux
 Country France
Mayor Madame Ceccaldi-Raynaud
Postal address 131 rue de la Republique
Contact person Madame Rocchia
Position of a contact person Directeur general adjoint
Telephone of a contact person +33 1 46 92 92 92
E-mail of a contact person mrocchia@mairie-puteaux.fr
Central e-mail of the city hall protocollogenerale@pec.comune.bologna.it
Year of the Europe Prize award 1956 with Offenbach
Twin and partner cities Offenbach (Germany)
Zemun (Serbia)
Valletri (Italy)
Modling (Austria)
Esch (Luxembourg)
Kati (Mali)
Gan Yavne (Israel)
Braga (Portugal)
Opoczno (Poland)
Tanger (Morocco)