On November 25, 2005 the Parliamentary Assembly’s Sub-Committee on the Europe Prize determined the following statutes.

Article 1

A Europe Prize offered by the Council of Europe shall be awarded each year by the Committee on the Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development Committee (former Environment, Agriculture and Local and Regional Affairs Committee) of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to one or more municipalities which have in the Committee’s opinion made outstanding efforts to propagate the idea of European unity.

Article 2

The Europe Prize shall consist of a trophy to be held by the winner for one year, a bronze medal, a parchment and scholarship to be spent on a study visit in Europe for one or more young persons resident in the winning municipality.

Article 3

A Plaque of Honour will be awarded to certain municipalities which have already held the Flag of Honour for several years and whose efforts to propagate the idea of European unity are considered worthy of this distinction, ranking just below the Europe Prize.

Article 4

A Flag of Honour is awarded to certain municipalities which deserve an award in recognition of their work in promoting the European idea. These municipalities will usually be selected from among those already holding the European Diploma.

Article 5

A European Diploma will be presented to municipalities whose European merits have been recognized but whose application is too recent for the award of the Flag of Honour.

Article 6

The Committee shall designate the winning municipalities from among those which have submitted applications.

Article 7

Applications from municipalities shall be submitted by the chief officer, mayor or other representative, and must reach the Secretariat General of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg by 31 December each year. Each application must be accompanied by an account of the measures taken by the municipality to propagate the idea of European unity and a reply to the attached questionnaire. Applications submitted prior to the current year remain valid for succeeding years. Municipalities which remain candidates are however asked to supply additional information each year, by 31 December, about their European activities during the year.

Article 8

Applicant municipalities undertake to respect and apply the provisions of presentation referred to in the regulations. Prize-winning municipalities shall endeavour to establish close contacts amongst themselves (Association of Towns awarded the Europe Prize), notably by meeting together periodically in one of their member municipalities.