We, representatives of municipalities of Altötting (Germany), Ankara (Turkey), Częstochowa (Poland), Dresden (Germany), Gdynia (Poland), Mühlheim an der Ruhr (Germany), Katowice (Poland), Kharkiv (Ukraine), Klaipeda (Lithuania), Regensburg (Germany), Schwarzenberg (Germany), Tata (Hungary), Vara (Sweden) and Würzburg (Germany) gathered in Klaipeda on 2-4 June 2016 upon the invitation of Klaipeda Municipality and Kharkiv Municipality, on the occasion of The 2016 General Assembly and Youth Meeting of The Association of Towns Awarded The Europe Prize


with the main topic for the General Assembly: “Exchange of best practices and advancement in the area of public transport” and for Youth Meeting “Modern problems of migration and social adjustment of migrants” agreed upon the following:

  1. Facilitate the development of public transport systems within the frame of the Association, exchange experience and best practices in finding solutions for solving transportation problems.
  2. Consider the importance of migration issues and recommend the municipalities and central bodies of administration to conduct their social policy considering the necessity of social adaptation and protection of migrants.
  3. Taking into consideration importance of modern technologies and exchange of information, it has been decided to modernize the Association web-site as the main informational resource of Association.
  4. With the aim of involving more cities into distance work, members have agreed to create a web-portal on the basis of Associations web-site to exchange best practices and projects from all the cities and work in groups by interests.
  5. In order to spread the ideas of the Association and encourage more cities to participate in the procedure of getting European Council Awards, members agreed to initiate the right of Association Members to open voluntary regional representative offices of the Association of Towns Awarded the Europe Prize in their cities.
  6. In order to unify English, German and French versions, eliminate inaccuracies in the text and introduce new attributes like a stamp, a note-head and the notion of regional representative office, amendments to the Statutes of the Association have been made.
  7. Being the presiding city, Kharkiv is delegated the task to develop and manufacture the stamp and the note-head of the Association.
  8. The Logo of Association considers changing. In this regard cities agreed to have open competition for the best logo idea. Three best logos should be chosen at the Presidium meeting 2016. The new logo should be adopted at General Assembly 2017.
  9. Kharkiv City Council is to forward the Declaration to the Council of Europe and United Nations Economic and Social Council.
  10. The next meeting of the Presidium is to be held in the town of Mühlheim an der Ruhr (Germany) on November 3-6, 2016.
  11. The next General Assembly & Youth Meeting is to be held in the town of Kharkiv (Ukraine) in 2017.
  12. The Presidium meeting 2017 is to be held in the town of Altötting (Germany).
  13. Theme and key moments of the General Assembly & Youth Meeting 2017 are to be determined at the Presidium Meeting in the town of Mühlheim an der Ruhr (Germany) on November 3-6, 2016.

3 June 2016, Klaipeda